Our Philosophy

All of those privileged to run an organisation must develop their own leadership style. For this to be both unique and effective, we believe that senior leaders need:

  • self-awareness.
  • very high-order reflection skills, based on clarity of thought.
  • a systematic approach to getting things done.
  • strong communications skills.

To develop these fundamental attributes in our participants, we have developed a programme, divided into three modules: Leading Myself, Leading Others and Leading the Organisation.

“Vincent and Dominic are key strategic partners to us in our leadership development initiatives in the Asia Pacific region. Asia Pacific has been for the past 5 years and will continue to be in the future, the engine of accelerated profitable growth for our Company. There is no agenda more important than the talent pipeline development to meet the growth agenda. Vincent has worked with us for many years to understand the business, and our needs. He and Dominic have delivered time and time again focused, strategic and insightful leadership development training to our region’s top talent.”

Viktor R. Sekmakas, President – Asia Pacific & Roger G. Young, Director – Human Resources Asia Pacific PPG Industries, Inc