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Dominic Brittain

Dominic Brittain

Dominic has over 30 years’ practical leadership experience in extreme situations. By the end of his bomb disposal service in 2011, he had personally defused well over a thousand explosive devices on dry land and underwater. These ranged from complex Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) to large World War 2 bombs.

In addition to his operational role, he commanded the bomb-disposal unit in Hong Kong for 13 years – widely regarded as one of the finest such units in the world. Over his last two decades of service, he was responsible for training and developing an entire generation of bomb-disposal leaders, from countries across the world.

He also chaired the group which coordinated the response to Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) incidents. This involved leading over 40,000 staff, drawn from a wide variety of disciplines, in nine government departments. Under Dominic’s chairmanship, the work of this group became an international standard for the response to CBRN incidents.

Since 2007, Dominic has worked as a business speaker. He draws on his extensive experience of leadership at all levels to help senior executives develop their innate leadership potential. His core philosophy is that good leadership is based on clear thinking, is unique to each individual leader and is largely common sense. The problem is that the relentless pressure to get results and meet deadlines makes the important things easy to forget.

Dominic has extensive experience of helping people to think under extreme pressure. He uses this to show leaders how to effectively and consistently inspire others, even when the pressure they face is intense. He abhors management jargon, preferring to reinforce people’s understanding of leadership through clear thinking, humility and enthusiasm. He uses plenty of humour to engage his audience – but as well as the sound of laughter, he also aims for that deep, characteristic silence which shows that his listeners are thinking.

His speaking engagements take him to every continent except Antarctica. His broad experience of working with executives from diverse cultural backgrounds helps keep his perspective fresh and topical. As a result, clients from around the world report that their people are more focused and inspired after hearing Dominic, which leads to better performance and better retention of key staff.

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