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Over the last 15 years, Vincent has developed and facilitated dozens of leadership development programmes for various clients. In some cases, Vincent is hired as a facilitator for programmes conceived by clients. In other cases, he works directly with clients to develop and implement their leadership development programme. The following are a couple of examples of such programmes.

In 2008, Vincent was asked to join a team of senior consultants hired to facilitate a leadership development programme, targeting 60 high-potential senior managers in a global organisation. The programme comprised a series of five-day sessions, taking place every four to five months. The group of 60 individuals was divided into subgroups of 10, with a facilitator responsible for each group. The role of the facilitator was to ensure leadership development, through the facilitation of group sessions, and to help each individual to assimilate content from larger plenary sessions. The programme also required Vincent to coach each participant between one session and the next.

More recently, Vincent has been asked to facilitate leadership development sessions for the senior management team of a global company. For this assignment, Vincent was asked to assimilate materials developed by a well-known strategy consulting firm and to co-facilitate a series of workshops for senior leaders in Europe and North America.

Vincent has also conducted numerous sessions with senior management teams to help to improve performance through better teamwork and co-operation. For such sessions, the client often requires Vincent to use personality instruments such as the ‘Hogan’ or 360-degree feedback survey.

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