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Command System Training Testimonials

“Vincent and Dominic are key strategic partners to us in our leadership development initiatives in the Asia Pacific region. Asia Pacific has been for the past 5 years and will continue to be in the future, the engine of accelerated profitable growth for our Company. There is no agenda more important than the talent pipeline development to meet the growth agenda. Vincent has worked with us for many years to understand the business, and our needs. He and Dominic have delivered time and time again focused, strategic and insightful leadership development training to our region’s top talent.”
Viktor R. Sekmakas, President – Asia Pacific & Roger G. Young, Director – Human Resources Asia Pacific PPG Industries, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Vincent since 2004 on a variety of projects from Leadership Development, Management Training and Employee Engagement to Executive Coaching. This relationship began while he was in his former capacity with Hewitt Associates and continues today in his new individual capacity at Insight Leadership Consulting. Vincent has personally worked with each member of our senior leadership team across Asia-Pacific and has been a valued consultant and coach to many of them on an individual basis. I have always found Vincent to be very professional in his dealings and sound in his approach and guidance with all levels of personnel in our organization. In the past couple of years, he has also become a member of the team conducting some Management and leadership Development programs for us on a global basis as well. Through his work and expertise, Vincent has developed some very trusted and solid relationships with many members of our team which will last long into the future.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Gregg Tate, Vice President Human Resource and Knowledge Management, adidas Group, Region Asia Pacific

“I have known Vincent Gauthier for a long time, since the time he was the General Manager of Hewitt Associates in Hong Kong. Vincent is an experienced, seasoned and knowledgeable consultant. During his time in Hewitt and after, he delivered a lot of high quality people and leadership programs for Manulife such as employee engagement, leadership behavioral assessment and development. Vincent is particularly strong in facilitating senior management discussions which drive strategic decisions and executive coaching. He is well-respected by Manulife’s management team in terms of his depth in understanding the business based on his broad business exposure in the past and his professional consultation and facilitation skills.”
May Wong Assistant Vice President Human Resources, Asia
Manulife Financial

“We have now worked with Vincent for the last 5 years and consider his involvement a key component of our success in talent management in region Asia. Vincent is insightful, reliable, and a critical barometer of our leaders’ engagement.”
Christophe Bezu – President adidas Asia Pacific, Head of adidas Group Region Asia

“When I transferred to a new job in another part of the world, the executive coaching Insight Leadership provided me helped accelerate my performance in my new role. The transition coaching I received from Vincent got me started on my new role before I even moved to Hong Kong. Specifically, my week #1 plan got me connected to the senior leaders in my organization who would be instrumental in years to come, and my 90 day plan got me on a path to build a stronger team.”
Rob Foley – Director, Center of Excellence, Talent, Adidas Group Asia Pacific

“I have worked with Vincent, on and off for the past five years. I first met him while attending the Executive Development Program for the adiGroup in 2009. I have stayed in contact with Vincent and consider him my Professional Coach and a true friend. Vincent, has a unique ability to assess a situation, or an individual and affect behavioral change in a group or an individual. He is a Coach who is performance based. He challenges, and truly makes people more self-aware. A direct, thoughtful and strategic thinker; who can change the way a person performs or thinks in a positive way.”                                                                                                                                                 Neil Hernberg – Head of Royal Sport Group, Reebok

Other Testimonials

“I found the combination of deep knowledge and humility in the way things were presented very thought-provoking. It made me realise that leadership was about using my personality, rather than using somebody else’s cookie-cutter approach” – Australian male executive

“The emphasis on knowing yourself and on reflection has been excellent. We are always told to reflect. This is the first time that I’ve been shown how to do that effectively.” – Australian female executive

“More reflection has been my biggest change in behavior. I’ve found the whole thing very motivating. It’s about behaving decently in the real-world context.” – UK male executive

“I came on this training thinking ‘not another leadership seminar; I don’t need this’. I’m going away thinking that this is the best use of my time I have ever made. It has really clarified the whole leadership issue for me.” – Korean male executive

“I felt respected as a leader by the facilitators throughout, but have come away with a completely new way of thinking about leadership and management. This has been really valuable.” – Chinese male executive

“I really liked the use of humour and the contrast of the two presenting styles from Dominic and Vincent. The energy was huge, and there are plenty of good, clear concepts to take away.” – US male executive

“Quite simply the best training that I have ever had.” – Indian male executive

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