Insight Leadership Sponsoring Pro Windsurfers Tonky and Taty Frans

It is not often in life that one can mix work ambition with a favorite hobby. I am a lifelong windsurfer aficionado, and I am absolutely delighted to announce that Insight Leadership will be sponsoring two world-class windsurfers, Elton (Taty) Frans and Everon (Tonky) Frans. Both windsurfers hail from the island paradise of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean.


The most important leadership quality

My career started in the 1970’s with a three day interview to assess whether I had the right qualities to join the armed forces.


Perfectionism and Performance

Perfectionism is defined by Curran, T. & Hill, A.P. “…as a combination of excessively high personal standards and overly critical self-evaluations.” This article begins with another citation of the same authors: *

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Understanding and Preventing Executive Derailment

Career derailment typically occurs when an executive’s career unexpectedly takes a turn for the worse.


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