Leadership & Management Development

Who is it for?

Our Middle Manager Leadership Development programs are multi-module programs designed for experienced Middle Managers who want to develop their leadership skills and progress in their careers.

What key issues does these programs typically address?

  • The difference between leadership and management and when to use each
  • Why is self-awareness so important to leadership and how to consistently develop it
  • How to ensure effective communication and the ability to influence decision makers
  • How to develop and maintain high performance teams
  • How to think strategically and develop clear and successful strategies

Why is this program right for your organization?

  • Our programs are based on Mr. Brittain’ extensive on the ground experience leading an elite bomb disposal unit and Mr. Gauthier’s 25 years of providing leadership development to corporations around the world
  • We tailor the the program to suit your company’s needs, values, culture, leadership competencies, and specific challenges
  • We provide the latest knowledge and techniques to ensure transfer of learning
  • Our programs provide a rich combination of workshops using the latest development tools and approaches. And we combine these workshops with out of class assignments, which are enhanced by digital technology to provide micro-learning and support outside classroom training
  • Our programs have been delivered globally to well over 1000 participants
  • We provide a robust measurement architecture to measure results

How we approach Experience Middle Manager Leadership Development?

Step 1

Understanding and confirming your needs

We always invest time to make absolutely sure we understand your needs, the context in which the participants work and operate, and how best to meet your needs

This step always includes a number of discussions with you to ensure that we understand your situation correctly and that we have a solution that will deliver lasting value


Step 2

Delivery and application

We deliver the approach as agreed in Step 1 and constantly measure and seek feedback to ensure that we are working towards agreed outcomes. Measurement in this phase include, workshop surveys, After Action Reviews (AAR) at the end of in class modules, on-line testing and measurement between modules, and conversations with our clients. Appropriate modifications and enhancements are made to ensure the highest possible quality of all our workshops.

Step 3


In addition to the measurement made during the delivery of the program, we provide pre and post program testing to measure transfer of knowledge. We also comprehensive survey after the completion of the program, at a time pre-agreed with you to measure transfer of learning.

Typical metrics include the following:

  • Increase in self-awareness
  • Behavioral change
  • Impact on the team and business results
I was fortunate to join a year-long executive development program with Vincent and Dominic. I’d participated in a number or similar initiatives, but this was an exceptional experience on many levels. First, the Insight approach combines deep, personal work with practical leadership methods. The emphasis on greater self awareness along with improved influence was quite powerful. I, along with my team, have seen immediate benefits from both. Finally, Insight provided models for strategy/thought leadership that simplified this critical component of executive leadership. I would highly recommend the experience for any executive looking to elevate and adapt performance in today’s environment.

— Jordan Berke Vice - President, China eCommerce - Walmart eCommerce

Case Study

Developing High Potential Leaders in China

Company had been struggling for years new CEO was turning things around. There was a pressing need to develop senior Chinese leaders as the firm was pushing for localization.