Senior Leadership Team Effectiveness

Who is it for?

Our approach to Senior Leadership Team Effectiveness is designed for teams comprised of a CEO, Managing Director, or Regional Manager and their direct reports.

What is the approach designed to accomplish?

  • The approach is designed to help senior teams optimize teamwork to achieve the vision and strategic goals.

How do we define a highly effective team?

  • A highly effective team consistently achieves outstanding results and outperforms competitors
  • A highly effective team performs well under pressure and recovers quickly from set backs

Why is this program right for your organization?

  • Our highly tailored approach is based on Mr. Brittain’ extensive experience leading an elite bomb disposal unit, and Mr. Gauthier’s work with senior leadership teams in the corporate world.
  • Our interventions are always designed in support of the team leader
  • We work with you to ensure that our approach matches the context of your business and the experience of the individuals within the team
  • We aim to ensure that the teams we work with achieve high performance and are able to move quickly ahead without our support

How we approach Senior Leadership Team Effectiveness

Step 1

Understanding your needs and the context in which you operate

We always invest time initially to make sure we understand your situation, the history of the team, and the individual leaders within it.

This step may include time with the leader, the team members, and other stakeholder who can provide context and insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

Step 2

Delivery and application

Our approach is highly tailored and flexible as we aim to deliver real time value to the leader and his team. We may, for example, deviate from an agenda or a process when we agree that the team may require more time on certain of the fundamental building blocks of highly effective teams.

Step 3


Measurement takes place on several levels:

  • We conduct an After Action Review (AAR) after each intervention to measure our effectiveness
  • We conduct debriefs with the team leader to assess impact and discuss key steps
  • We help the team measure its progress against stated team development objectives with the help of surveys, interviews, and live assessments.
I have known Vincent Gauthier for a long time, since the time he was the General Manager of Hewitt Associates in Hong Kong. Vincent is an experienced, seasoned and knowledgeable consultant. Vincent is particularly strong in facilitating senior management discussions which drive strategic decisions and executive coaching. He is well-respected by Invesco’s Asia Pacific’s management team in terms of his depth in understanding the business based on his broad business exposure and his professional consultation and facilitation skills

— May Wong, Head of Human Resources - Asia Pacific Invesco

Case Study

Developing a High-Performance Team (HPT)

Help the new General Manager build a High-Performance Team that would drive the business and achieve results