Insight Leadership announces the completion of its purpose build executive off-site centre

Our purpose built executive off-site centre is situated in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Dorset, UK and is set in 120 acres of countryside. There is good access to the site by car and train from London’s Heathrow Airport and from regional airports at Southampton, Exeter and Bristol – the site also has its own helicopter landing site.

The centre has accommodation for 10 executives and 2 facilitators, conference space, dining facilities, outdoor sheltered courtyards and room for a range of on-site activities. These range from Croquet, to our iconic ‘walk and talk’ exercises in our secluded woods and groves. The site also has ample room for clay pigeon shooting and blindfolded off-road driving on a private 30-acre course, to name a few of the activities that we run.

The Insight Leadership off-site centre - space, privacy, nature and comfort all provided in one location carefully designed to meet the needs of an executive off-site.

Why an executive off-site centre?

At Insight Leadership we conduct off-sites for teams of senior executives at locations around the world. These off-sites typically have 3 broad intentions:

  • Organisational outcomes – setting the strategic direction
  • Interpersonal outcomes – improving the way the executives work together
  • Cognitive outcomes – impacting the executives’ understanding of the strategic issues the organisation faces and the wider business environment.

There is widely understood wisdom about how these off-sites should be run. However, there is one aspect of running an off-site that does not seem to be so well covered by the literature - the needs of the off-site location itself. Our experience has found the following criteria lead to success:

  • An accessible location away from the home and office environment and close to nature
  • A private location so that conversations can spring up at any time with no risk of being overheard or judged
  • A location which can accommodate a group of executives in 5* comfort
  • A location with a conference room with plenty of natural light and high ceilings
  • A location with generous amounts of space internally and externally so that all activities can be conducted on site – from meetings to activities to group dinners
  • A location that can support the basics of a workshop – flexibility, flip charts, AV etc.

We have typically found the need to compromise on two or more of these elements when running off-sites, but we now have designed, built and opened a location that meets all of the criteria above.