Despite the Covid-19 crisis and the uncertainty miring many businesses including ours, we have decided to renew our partnership with Tonky and Taty Frans in Bonaire. In the fall of 2018, the brothers decided to open a new windsurfing center, The Frans Paradise, in their home of Bonaire. The Frans Paradise offers beginning to advanced windsurfing and foiling rentals and lessons.

Insight Leadership will be sponsoring the Frans Paradise to help the start up. “I am particularly proud of a sponsorship that combines my passion for the sport of windsurfing, my desire to help small businesses get off the ground, and two guys that exemplify leadership in their community” said Vincent Gauthier, the founder of Insight Leadership Inc. Taty and Tonky Frans are themselves giving the lessons and it is a real privilege to have world class windsurfers as instructors. We wish the Frans Paradise good luck and hope that this is the beginning of a very long partnership.

All pictures taken by Lorenzo Mittiga.


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